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Is this a good watch?Http://…

and what does 30 lap recall mean?

Posted by Katie K

AdminDecember 2, 2007 at 3:26 AMThat as fairly robust, lower-end watch. If you need a watch for everyday wear, and exercising, with the standard watch features, it should be just fine.

The 30-lap recall is a function of the stop watch. Each time you press the lap button, while the stop watch is running, it records the lap time. You can later go back in and check the lap times, up to 30 can be stored in the watch. This is for runners to compare their run times over a set distance, typically around a running track. Be advised, it probably only stores the lap times for as long as it in stopwatch mode, so I don’t think you can save times over the space of days or weeks.

Shaq vs Blake Griffin college?Anyone watch shaq when he was in college and blake griffin this year? Who was the better college player?

Posted by StudCat

AdminApril 30, 2009 at 2:54 AMYou know it’s funny in todays society and media Shaq would have put Blake Griffin, Micheal Beasley or anyone else to that matter to shame, Shaq was a literal freak on the court he stood 7-1 and weighed 286 pounds but he moved like a wing man no one and I mean no one could guard him, look for video of Eric Montross (considered by many to be one of the greates defenders at North Carolina) vs. Shaq and watch what Shaq does to him. If you really want to see how a young Shaq could move rent the movie “Blue Chip” and just watch his agility. While I can’t find anything really relating to his stats at LSU here are some of his accomplishments while at “Love Shaq University” (his own quote by the way):

National Player of the Year as chosen by the Associated Press (Rupp Award),
1992 runner-up for the Naismith Award and the John Wooden Award.
Set SEC record for most blocks in a season three consecutive years (115-1990, 140-1991, 157-1992).
Set SEC record for career blocks with 412.
Blocked five or more shots in a game 45 times in 90 career games.
National leader in rebounding (14.7 average), 1991. Second nationally in rebounding (14.0 average), 1992.
First player to lead the Southeastern Conference in scoring, rebounding, field goal percentage and blocked shots in the same season, 1991.
First player to lead the SEC in rebounding three straight seasons since Charles Barkley of Auburn, 1982-84.
Finished with 1,217 rebounds, seventh all-time in the Southeastern Conference, second all-time at LSU.
Finished with 1,941 points, fourth all-time at LSU
Career field goal percentage of 61.0 percent is second all-time at LSU and in the SEC (minimum 1,000 attempts).
Had six career triple-doubles (points, rebounds and blocks in same game).
Was the third LSU player to have at least two 700-plus point seasons at LSU.
Was the first LSU player to record back-to-back 400-plus rebound seasons.
Also holds the NCAA record for blocks in a game with 17

While it is un-fair to judge Shaq against Griffin due to Griffin only playing two years at the college level I will say this for Blake he does have a much better jump shot then Shaq did (or ever has) and shoots free throws better (but not by much) as well, here are Griffins stats:

2007-08 33-28 .568 .000 .589 9.1 61 28 33 14.7
2008-09 35-35 .654 .375 .590 14.4 80 41 39 22.7
National player of the year in 2008-2009.

Griffins stats are impressive no doubt, but again the comparison is not fair as Griffin stands as more of a Power forward at 6-10, 251. By far Shaq was the better college player.

What is a GPS runners watch?What doe’s it do.

Posted by Paul

AdminJanuary 23, 2011 at 3:58 PMGPS is a satellite device. Not really internet as such. I have a android phone with the runkeeper app, this has the GPS device on the phone anyway. So when I go out for a run using the phone strapped upto my arm it measures the distance and time and also has the google map of the run to. You can keep a record of what you run on the runkeeper website with or with out the app on phone. You can share the info with friends on facebook and twitter. It’s very clever stuff.

What are the chances for the F1 race winner & runner up to differ by 5.5seconds or lesser?

Posted by Classified?
AdminSeptember 5, 2008 at 7:24 AM5.5 seconds or less has happened too regularly to count, to give you an idea:
There have been 6 already this season, from just 12 races (and one of 5.6s too).
There were 10 in 17 races last year.
There were 9 in 18 races in 2006, 9 from 19 in 2005 & 11 from 18 in 2004.So on average there is about a 50% chance of any given race being won by 5.5s or less.

The record close finish is the 1971 Italian GP, Peter Gethin winning by 0.01s from Ronnie Peterson. Third placed Francois Cevert was only 0.09s behind the winner, fourth placed Mike Hailwood 0.18s behind, and fifth placed Howden Ganley only 0.61s away from winning. Here is the finish or the race: Http://…

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