Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet (2018 Guide)


Running shoes for flat feet – what an issue. Been there, done that! If you are a runner and have flat feet, here are some things I’ve learned as well as the best running shoes we flat-footed runners can buy.

We all are born with dissimilar body structure. Some of us have curved feet and some have flat feet and so, motion control running shoes are required for people with flat structured feet. A flat foot is basically when the shape of your feet is flat in nature and there is no curve which is usually there. One can easily locate this through wet test or by just looking at through his/her eyes. Wet test is done by wetting your feet with water and placing it on a piece of brown paper, this way the shape can be seen and judged of any individual.

What About Motion Control Running Shoes for Flat Feet?

Motion control running shoes are specially made and designed for flat foots and are different from normal shoes. These are prepared with special properties to control the motion of your feet and leg. Generally the foot of such people bends inward while walking or running which can cause serious knee and leg injuries leaving you in severe pain.

The best running shoes for flat feet are…

* Unlike other normal shoes, these shoes are not padded. Normally all shoes are stuffed and padded with three layers to provide comfort as well as making the surface soft for you. But shoes for motion control running are not padded because the surface is already flat and needs no more softness to cover the curve. There is one layer of pad found in these.

* The person with a flat foot is called an Overpronator which is; firstly your heels strike the ground and the foot rolls inwards. This happens because your ankle and foot is not able to stabilize your body. In some cases the situation is major and with some the situation is minor and so the shoes for flat feet are designed accordingly.

*Reviews claim that, these are highly recommended for all the runners who needs extra support and on the side of the legs that needs to have a hold to maintain balance. source

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Which Running Shoes Should a Flat-Footed Person Buy?

If you are thinking of getting a pair of running shoes for flat feet, you need to realize that most of these shoes are very different from other normal shoes. Should you have flat feet, it is likely you find out yourself developing a running manner characterized by excessive overpronation.

Overpronation signifies your foot rolls inward a lot when you keep your feet on the ground. Running shoes for flat feet are usually labeled as motion control running shoes and therefore are developed to fit based on your running style, not change it. They are designed to absorb the collision of the feet as a result of overpronation. Besides, they are created to shield your ankle joint via the midsole that offers extra padding. To put it in a few words, the running shoes are designed to help your overpronation and avoid you from getting harmed (read our full guide on trail running shoes for overpronation here).

Runners having flat feet or low arches would need specific running shoes. There are various chic brands like Asics, Brooks, New Balance, and Nike that have come out with running shoes for flat feet. However, getting the right pair of shoes often require lots of time and detailed info. Listed here is a quick tip for you to be able to find the best match: Find what sort of feet you’ve gotten and purchase the running shoe devised for your sort of feet. This is critical to protect against accidental injuries and can support you run faster and further.

During the past thirty years, almost every shoes manufacturer developed their own technologies to help flat foot runners to run with ease. Shoes can incorporate different technical features appropriate to different kinds of runner. The main criteria are your weight and the way in which your foot moves as it strikes the ground. Ground contact is usually made from the outside of the heel, after which the foot rolls slightly inward, so that push-off comes from the big toe. This rotational movement from the outside of the heel is called pronation. Shoes are made for normal pronators, over-pronators and under-pronators (who may be supinators, if the inside of their heel strikes the ground first, and they push-off from outside of the foot). Runners having flat foot must never forget these 3 keywords:- balance, motion control, and support. Therefore, when looking at running shoes review or particular features, any indication of further support is typically an extra advantage for you.

There are several health problems you will want to take note if you didn’t choose the appropriate running shoes for flat feet. You could possibly face instability at the flat area of your feet and also the top part of your leg. These conditions will trigger accidental injuries of your leg and knee while running. Your stability will most likely be affected, resulting in uncontrollable body movements.

Shoe companies produce shoes spread at carefully calculated intervals of a price range. You should find an appropriate pair somewhere in the middle of any particular company’s range. It is rare that the most expensive shoe is the best one for you, but it’s also unlikely that the cheapest will be. Considering that shoes were made in accordance with the workout routines of runners, oftentimes they include shock absorption and padding elements for overall flexibility. You don’t need shoes which have multiple tiers of cushioning, because this will put on strain to your feet; consequently allow it to be really unease to put on. Eventually, running shoes for flat feet that have at least one layer of soothe pads are often the best choice for runners. source

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