Best GPS Watches for Running

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If you are a tech savvy athlete, you have probably heard about GPS running watches and might have wondered if one of these is right for you. Designed to be a digital personal training assistant for runners, bikers, and other serious fitness folks, these devices have many exciting features that promise to help you improve the quality of your training. With instant access to data on your pace, heart rate, distance, calories burned and more, these units gather all of the information you need to analyze and interpret your progress during training.

On your wrist it appears to be a sporty watch but under the “hood” there is so much more to one of these than meets the eye. Thanks to the high accuracy of GPS tracking, these devices have the ability to record data on many aspects of your workout that are most important to you. Here is a peek at the type of information you can get at the touch of a button.

Distance and Speed Data

Tired of counting mile markers or limiting your route because you know the exact distance? Free yourself from measuring distance the hard way and let the GPS keep track of it for you. See your average speed at a glance and know instantly whether you are improving your performance with this valuable information.

Data Gathering

As technology gets smaller and smaller, you can store more and more information in a tiny spot – like inside of a GPS running watch. Keep track of all of the information that is collected during your workout for later transfer to your computer. From your desktop, you can store and analyze all of your performance data and keep charts of your progress.

Interval Training Timer

Do you train for biathlons or triathlons? You will love the interval training timer that comes on many gps watches. While ordinary sports watches only countdown, a quality running watch will time and record different intervals of activity.

Heart Rate Monitor

For some, monitoring your heart rate is a health necessity and for others it is a good measure of your personal fitness. Either way, heart rate data is very useful to have. Instead of a bulky heart rate monitor, you can keep track of your body while you exercise with nothing more than the lightweight device on your wrist and a chest strap. Like all other data, this information is archived so it can easily be shared with your doctor or trainer.

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