Cheap GPS Watches for Runners

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Questions and Answers

What happens when the Nike+ SportWatch GPS stores 50 runs?

I'm thinking of getting the Nike+ SportWatch GPS and was just wondering what happens when it has stores 50 runs.

Posted by Garfield
AdminJune 2, 2011 at 3:38 PM

You can download your runs to the Nike+ and advert loaded website which as far as I can tell is pretty poor compared to the software to download other GPS watch data to.

When you reach 50 runs (or whatever its memory limit is), the oldest run will be deleted to store the newest run.

For its cost, most runners would go for a Garmin which looks far better than the Nike system, the Garmins 305 is cheaper has more functions including a heart rate monitor. I haven't tried the Nike GPS watch but I did use the foot pod based sportsband (briefly for about 4 runs)

Pedometer for runners?

I'm a poor 20 year old student in need of a runners' device that calculates:
1. Distance
2. Time
3. Speed/Pace
4. Calories burned
5. Maybe Heart Rate

I've looked into GPS watches (Garmin, Nike etc.) and they're too expensive. I don't have a data plan so any android app won't work because I run outside with no Wi-Fi. I'm looking for the best pedometer (for runners!) on the market for under $30. I like Omron. Which is the best/cheapest? Any other recommendations?


Posted by La Bella Vixen
AdminJuly 7, 2013 at 7:22 AM

I've seen some very cheap ones of eBay. Check them out on there.

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