GPS Runners Watches Reviews

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Questions and Answers

Do most of the GPS running watches have poor reception in the woods?

If I'm a trail runner, as does a lot of my run in the woods, should I use foot pod instead? Or it is best used for both GPS and Foot pod?

I'm thinking of buying Polar RCX5 that comes with either foot pod or G5 GPS, have to choose one. Which would you recommend me?

Posted by Trails
AdminJuly 16, 2012 at 6:28 AM

I'd pass on the Polar, it doesn't look like the best option.
If you do a a lot of running in woods i would get one with a foot pod. Most GPS watches integrate the two forms of data. For instance, if your GPS knows where you are when you enter a tunnel, and the foot pod part knows how far you have gone since you entered the tunnel, then you come out of the tunnel, the GPS combines the data. So that you get good course distances, pace, etc.

This guy really does a great job reviewing the products.

I have a Garmin 305 which is has the best bang for the buck. It also is still one of the best featured. It takes a long time (5 minutes) to locate satellites but I know that and turn it on as soon as I start warming up.
All the garmins include a HRM but the foot pod is extra.

If you're not worried about money get the Motorola.
Both the HRM and the foot pod cast extra
But it actually has maps built in. And a MP3 player.

The NIke has the best internet interface.
I think they used to include the foot pod and now it's an option. The HRM strap is also an option.

What to get an adventurous runner for Christmas?

I'm trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for my brother. He's a nineteen year old college kid. He's a crazy runner – just did the World's Toughest Mudder last weekend. I want to get him something unique, like the Survival Straps he just bought. Anyone have any ideas?

Posted by smblovesyou
AdminNovember 26, 2012 at 1:42 PM

If you love your brother a lot, get him the soleus watch. It is made specifically for serious runners. It has a GPS, calculates current and total running distance, speed, water resistant and a heart rate monitor to make sure he's not pushing himself too hard where its unhealthy. This is the watch I'm talking about…


If you love him but your budget isn't high, your brother will really like the ironman flix watch. It's good so your brother can store all his training logs and workouts to see his improvements. It has a lot of functions without making the watch complicating. Good to keep track of all of his best running times. Would've been perfect to take on his tough mudder event.

Timex Ironman Watch

Any christmas present you buy your brother will ALWAYS be a great gift regardless if you buy him the watch or not.

Hope that helps. Merry Christmas!!

What is a good sports watch?

I am looking for a sports watch. I am a runner and enjoy other forms of exercise and am looking for a watch that has a heart rate monitor, GPS (for distance runs), and a calorie counter. I am looking to spend no more than 200 dollars, even if that means I need to get a used one on amazon. I tried out the nike fuel band, but didn't like that it didn't have a HRM and that you couldn't see your distance on the watch.

Posted by Annie
AdminJanuary 1, 2013 at 12:42 PM

To get the most accurate reading, you would want a watch that comes with a band that you would wear around your chest while you're running. As far as which one is the best I really can't say. I personally have the Nike+ Gps Sportswatch and while it does a lot for me, the only thing that it won't do for me is monitor my heart rate.

Which runners watch is best?

I have just started running and would like a running watch with gps and one that tracks my pace. Im not to fused about heart rate monitor.
I currently use runtastic app on my phone or calculate my pace myelf but would like something more light weight especially as i have a 10km race comming up

Posted by samantha
AdminJanuary 31, 2014 at 1:34 PM

A lot depends on your budget and what other features you need. Most (but not all) of the Garmin Forerunner series include GPS. Just read the reviews of what they have out there. Some models are better than others. Some are a lot more expensive than others. If you're going to be running regularly and taking your training seriously (for things like races), you're very likely to want a heart monitor sooner or later. Lots of people don't initially think they need one, but then kick themselves later for buying something that's not compatible with a heart monitor, or for it being more expensive to add one later.

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