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How can i get better at the 400 dash?

How can i prepare for the 400 meter dash? I want to get 60 secs.?
I want to run it in 60 seconds flat. Any techniques? Work outs?


Posted by geshig93
AdminApril 30, 2006 at 9:37 AM

Here is some advice I previously posted to another 400m runner.

If you aren't already running 600m in your workout, add them once a week. They build up your strength and help you maintain your speed over that last 100m. Not knowing your ability, I would say try to run them going out the first 400 at a pace 5-10 seconds slower than your best 400m and then concentrate on staying strong to the finish.

I would also to workouts with multiple 400s, 5-10 seconds slower than your best 400 time, or multiple 200s, a second or two faster than your 400m pace.

You might also try running shorter intevals up a long hill. Back in the 60's, the UCLA team used to run 400s up a long hill. They had the best 4×400 team in the country back then, so the there is evidence that the workouts did some good.

You need to learn how to run the race correctly. I break the race down into 4 100s. For most of the first 100, you should be accelerating smoothly to your "cruising pace", running hard, but not sprinting all out. The 2nd and 3rd 100s, should be fast, but relaxed. The last 100 is where your strength will have to kick in. You are going to start to feel like someone dropped a weight on your back. We used to say "The bear got him" when we'd watch it happen to a runner in a big way.

You'll need to focus on keeping you knees going straight forward. They will want to go off at an angle. Keep your arms swinging straight ahead. Some runners feel it helps them to exagerate their armswing as it helps keep their legs going.

Relax your face and jaw. Don't grimace. When you do, it thightens up first your face, then your neck and shoulders.

After a hard run, do a lot of stretching. You've got to have a full range of motion to have a smooth, effortless stride.

I always recommend Bob Anderson's stretching book, it's a classic: Http://…

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