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Questions and Answers

Does anyone have a good review of the Timex Ironman Global Trainer GPS/HRM watch?I am a competitive runner and triathlete and I am considering buying one of these watches, but with the cost I am reading and watching lots of reviews, and I just have a few questions for you about it. If you can answer them I would REALLY appreciate it!1. When you use it in water does the GPS not work at all? I live right next to lake Michigan and swim there often, so the watch will not be able to calculate the distance I swim?2. When you use it while on your bike, does it interfere at all with your bike computer? I have a bike computer that does NOT measure cadence or power(just speed, pace, time. Bontrager trip 5W)
-I probably will not buy the extra cadence sensor
– Does it measure altitude without buying an extra piece?
-Should I buy the bike mount? (I have heard if you wear it on your wrist on the bike the buttons can be accidentally pushed)3. I have heard the GPS worked well AFTER you buy the new software….does it cost money for the new software? Or just a free download?
-If it cost money, how much and is it worth it?4. When you store workouts on the watch, is it easy to find them later and delete them?
-when you store them online does it cost money?
-if yes, is it worth it and is it a one time only cost?

5. How is the HR monitor strap? I’ve used them before, is it comfortable?

6. Do you have problems acquiring a signal for the GPS? If so how often, and how long does it take before you get a signal?

7. What are these monthly payments I keep hearing about?

8. Overall, can you rate it out of 10 and give me any critiques you have on it? And would you recommend it?

This watch looks so sweet, the triathlon split features are awesome! I know the watch is bulky, so I plan to go try it on to see what its like on my wrist.

Thanks in advance for anybody who can answer my questions!!!!

Posted by Peter
AdminJune 27, 2012 at 1:32 AMI don’t own the watch, but you should definitely read DC rainmaker’s review about it (link below). It’s very thorough and I believe it answers most of your questions (for example, for question #1 the answer is yes, if you set it up right). And he’s fairly responsive to comments, so you could try your luck asking a question in the comment is there’s something still unclear.

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