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Top 10 Best GPS Watches for Runners

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Questions and Answers

Runner’s watch, good investment?I run everyday, 4 miles to be exact sometimes more, im in good shape just trying to lose a little weight. I want to make sure that my calories in are less than those out and a runner’s watch would help, along with other stuff. Plus i like those watches anyways they’re pretty helpfull. Im just wondering if you think it’s a good overall investement.
Im 16 by the way. If that’s helpfull in any way.

Posted by Bado2

AdminJune 11, 2011 at 11:11 PMHi.Yes a runner’s watch is a GREAT investment.You should get the 305 Garmin Forerunner watch. It keeps track of your miles (how many miles you went so far), speed your going, time it took you to complete that many miles and of course calories burned.

It’s the best there is.

Experienced Cross Country Runner in search for a Watch?I Run usually 40-50 miles per week and for all my life I’ve just used a basic timex to keep track of my time, and i think ive come around and id like to buy a watch that can track my mile pace, So the one necessity is for it to be able to tell me my lime pace while I’m running and i would like for it to be under $150, i know of the Nike ID gps watch but im trying to avoid buying that. Please help me out i really appreciate it
@ Luis doe the 305 have your mile pace?

Posted by Thebeastoftheeast

AdminJuly 23, 2013 at 4:02 PMIf all you you’re interested in is pace then all you need is an ipod nano and a Nike + sensor. Nano’s are just $150. The nike + sensor is $20. The nano can be put in a pocket or worn on your arm. It will give you time, distance, instantaneous pace and average pace. You can sync it with the nike web site and it becomes a log book too. Oh, and it plays music. You can save some money if you already have a nano. If you have an old nano you may need the receiver, too. The whole kit is $30.

By the way, GPS watches are very inaccurate when it comes down to instantaneous pace. The reason is that they are all limited to to an accuracy of 14 feet. So at any given moment it doesn’t know exactly where your are. However for lap paces are fine. By the time you have run 100 yards or so the average is pretty close.
So in that one area a pedometer/accelerometer is more accurate than GPS. The nano has another advantage is that you can calibrate it get it to be even a little more accurate. Most Nano’s are about 5% off right out of the box and you can shave a percent or two off of that. But for total mileage the GPS watches are more accurate.

I think the cheapest good GPS watch is the Timex Marathon. You can find it for under $100.
You can read reviews of GPS watches at

I’ve had a Garmin 305 for years and I still think its the best for the money. It’s been discontinued but I’ve see it for sale at for about $180. It not only comes with a HRM (and a strap), it has the best interval timer functions.

Runners watch?I’m looking to get a sport watch to wear while running. The problem is I’m allergic to the plastic bands, esp while sweating. Any suggestions?

Posted by shegnon

AdminJune 27, 2007 at 11:44 PMHow bout putting one on a chain(string or rope) and have that chain hang around your neck while you run….hope this helps…

Why are people from Africa traditionally better runners? (watching the Olympics)?Do countries in Africa put more of an emphasis on running or is their build? I’ve just noticed a lot of runners from African countries in the Olympics.
MaryBlue, I knew some imbecilic fool would give an answer like yours. No, not all human beings are built exactly the same. Hello. Evolution. Anthropology. Look these up.

Posted by Rose

AdminAugust 9, 2012 at 11:33 AMPeople who are tall (have long legs) and a low mass (are skinny) are more efficient runners. Their mechanical advantage of having long legs lets them more efficiently transfer energy to the act of running, and, along with the fact that their mass is minimal gives them the best “thrust to weight ratio” of anyone who runs.

African runners tend to be both tall (long legs), and lightweight (low mass), and, as a consequence, tend to have this high “thrust to weight ratio.”


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