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Which runs cooler? The ps3 slim or fat?I was considering buying a ps3 slim. Is it true that it runs cooler and smoother than the ps3 fat? What other new features does the slim have?

Posted by
AdminOctober 25, 2010 at 1:21 AMGet the PS3 slim. Here are some information to know more about the console.

Here is a very good comment from an actual player of PS3:

Features and Design
•Great value for your buck
•Reliable hardware
•New eject and power buttons.
•It comes with a variety of different hard drive sizes (120GB, 160GB, 320GB)
•Blu-ray player.
•Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.
•Two USB ports for accessories.
•1080p HDMI output.
•Supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio for output to compatible receivers.
•It uses at least 10 percent less electricity at peak consumption.
•Free Online Play – No need to pay premium to play online

Best price you can find for the PS3 (remember to check out the Move Bundle as well):

Top 5 MUST have games right now in PS3
•NBA 2k11
•Fifa Soccer 11
•Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
•Heavy Rain
•Dead Rising 2

Latest bestselling game list of PS3(check from time to time, it’ll get updated)

PlayStation 3 is not only a video game console, but also designed to be a digital entertainment device or home-entertainment computer. It features in its special CPU called the Cell Processor, which can be updated for different performance needs! Besides, it incoporates marvelous memory capabilities which enable you to play games and watch movies at the same time. With PS3, you may enjoy a luxurious visual-dinner for its support of high-definition. Another benefit is that does not require to pay “double fees” to play online games and download videos.

What else can the PS3 do? Can Upgrade your hard drive and Import games from other countries.

Should i get a kindle or a 3ds?For a 3ds, i’m looking forward to fun games like the new animal crossing and fashion boutique.

For a kindle, i’m looking forward to books and my apps on my iphone on a bigger screen.

But which one is better??

Posted by Adri
AdminJuly 13, 2012 at 6:36 AMHere is a find review on kindle fire, should help you out on this decision:


Guessing that by Kindle you meant Kindle fire as it is the only model from Kindle family to play games and apps.

If that is the case, I would recommend Kindle fire because you get more fun games and a 7″ screen to enjoy games in a better way.

You can consider watching movies, tv shows, reading magazines/ comic books, playing tons of games including The amazing spiderman, MIB3, temple run etc

Here you would be able to find the price tag for Kindle fire:


The other benefit from Kindle fire is that you can get games for low amount of bucks.

But if you wish to have 3Ds for games that you have mentioned then go for it.


Hope this helped!

I think all soccer players should be forced to watch MotoGP before a game.?Then they would see how rediculous they look when they take dives. A GP racer can fall of his bike at 100 mph plus, get up, run to his bike to get back into the race. To see these idiots writhing on the ground after a leg tap is ludricous. I am an ex racer and a soccer fan.
Dtoo I would of thought that when I said “fall off” you understood what I mean, you see racers don’t use the term crash,it’s either I dropped it,fell off,dumped it,slid off etc. And I have done it at greater speeds than 100 mph and still got up.

Posted by JT
AdminJuly 23, 2007 at 4:11 AMI agree. Until FIFA can fine or suspend players after reviewing tapes, then there is nothing that can be done.

It is a joke watching the Italians and Argentine players dive.

F1 – Australian GP Qualfiying Review – Your Opinions?Hey Guys!
So a new season, i thought i would give a quick review of how i thought each driver/team did? Your comments would be great! And maybe your own reviews too? Thanks! 😀

Button: – Well done to him and Barrichello! Is good to see him at the top where he should be
Barrichello: Making it a Brawn Gp 1-2 on their debut, is no mean feat! Good to see him back too

Vettel: Really underlining his performance last year, lets hope he can keep it up and give Red Bull the results they deserve?

Kubica – BMW Appeared to be struggling a bit, so he did well to drag it up to 4th

Rosberg: Perhaps a bit dissapointing? After so much promise from Practice many people were thinking for better than 5th, but take nothing away from him, very good show!

Massa + Raikonnen: Shocking to see Ferrari so low, and their fuel loads are quite low too, looks like they have some work to do!

Webber: Got both Red Bulls inside the Top 10, and is doing well in front of his home crowd.

Heidfeld: Didn’t seem to be getting along with the BMW too much, really overshadowed by Kubica in this session

Alonso: Perhaps the most suprising is Renault, after looking quite strong in practice, this is a huge dissapointment for them

Nakajima : in only his 2nd year of F1 the Japanese driver is doing a good job, one to look out for in the future

Kovalinen: What went wrong?? Mclarens car is awful, and they have a lot of work to do

Buemi: 13th on your debut in a mid-field is no mean feat, Torro Rosso have been very quiet in testing, and i didnt see much of them in Quali today either, so well done to em 😉

Piquet: You have to wonder how he got another year, he needs to improve dramatically, because his form is terrible.

Fissechella + Sutil: Well done to Force India, they are showing they can compete with the mid-field, but they need more work if they are going to score many points this year

Bourdais: again, not much heard from Torro Rosso, but this is a dissapointing result.

Hamilton: (Moved down 5 places for Gearbox) oh dear…. That really sums it up

Trulli + Glock (Relegated to back, due to an illegal diffuser): Toyota have been showing good form, and they looked like they should of done better, but now they are in trouble, i do not know whether they are going to change the parts for tomorrow? But they are allowed to race.

Thanks for reading! Your opinions would be great 😀
*in Buemis review, i meant mid-field team 😉

Posted by TGRoey
AdminMarch 28, 2009 at 6:07 PMLoved all your comments. After watching the qualifying I was shocked, (I am a Lewis fan), but at the same time excited to see what this season brings. I think Barrichello really deserves to be back on top. He is such a nice guy and has had a disappointing car for the last few years. Really keen to see if the Braun car runs well throughout the season. They have a good backer in Sir Richard Branson.

Sorry that Ron Dennis has now taken a back seat at Mclaren.

I have been watching F1 for more years than I care to remember and love it. The only race that I am not keen on is Monaco. I always find that a bit of a procession, but I still watch.

Enjoy your race all you F1 fans. <(*.*)>

How much should i be eating? What should i be eating? Am i eating too much?Hey guys, i’m 16 going on 17 approximately 145 pounds maybe 5’7-5’8? I’m not a big guy, i dont have much fat on me, just a bit here an there.
All in all im in good shape, better than most.
I Play soccer 5 out of 7 days a week, i train MMA a little bit here and there and i go for runs frequently.
I recently decided to start P90X but i don’t want to follow the nutrition plan with it.
I need help with what i eat, i don’t want a diet or a plan to follow every single day.. But rather a guidline that i can follow and just watch what i eat.
I know because i wanna be gaining muscle i need to be eating lots of high protein foods (which i do), i drink lots of milk daily, water plenty, but what are some good and bad carbs and with the amount of training or activity i do how much should i be eating?
Is it what i eat or how much of it i eat that is important? Is it alright for me to have otmeal, eggs and fruit in the morning? Or is that too much? I want to complete my six pack and look good! I just need to know how much i should be eating, how many times a day and so on.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks everyone!

Posted by TYBRO
AdminApril 13, 2010 at 9:48 AMP90x gets great reviews, check them out:

You’ll also want some adjustable dumbbells to go along with the program (don’t forget the chin-up bar):

Alternatively you can buy individual dumbbells, which is my personal preference. I like rubber coated HEX dumbbells the best:

You’ll want this p90x chin/pull up bar (that’s door mounted, you might want to search for wall mounted):

You might also want to get pushup bars, I personally use this:

I also suggest resistance bands, I suggest ripcords brand as they don’t break on you (I had to go to the emergency room once because I was using bad ones from a gym, and it snapped and nearly broke my hand by slinging itself):

Get the 5 set or 6 set (don’t get it with the DVD).

I also strongly suggest these auxiliary guides / programs to go along with your muscle training, fat loss, and diet.
Http:// (focused on gaining muscle mass and strength – especially if you are a ‘hardgainer’)
Http:// (focused on weight loss / fat loss / abs)
Http:// (focused on foods / diet)

And lastly, you should have a good recovery drink. I prefer this one myself over the p90x specific one:

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