Garmin GPS Running Watches for Men


Whether you’re training to complete your first 5k or you want to get faster and fitter, accurate workout data is the key. As well as storing all the information about your walk or run in the watch itself, you can also view it online.

Tracking your data is simple with Garmin Connect. Visit the website for free data analysis and sharing. Just upload to Garmin Connect from your PC or Mac, then see the route you travelled on a map, view a summary of your work-out data, create goals, monitor your progress and more.

This makes it easy to go back and see how you did last week or last month and check your progress. etc

Here are some great men’s GPS running watches

  • Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Running Watch – Black/Red
  • Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS Sportswatch with HRM
  • Garmin Forerunner 310XT GPS Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor
  • Garmin Forerunner 210 GPS Sportswatch
  • Garmin Forerunner 210 Heart Rate Monitor Running Watch
  • Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom – Anthracite/Blue Glow
  • Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS Enabled Mens Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

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Questions and Answers

Beginner to understanding how to familiarize with streets, areas, and public transportation around LA?How do I get really familiar with the streets and area of Los Angeles really, really well? Im only 17, dont have a drivers license and Im driven around most of the time and not really exposed to a lot of areas( I guess because my family gets a little worried about me being on my own) and I feel like I want to start traveling on my own and getting a lot more familiar traveling around Los Angeles. I also want to get really familiar with taking public transportations systems like the Metro and knowing how the buses, subways and rail lines work and their stations( I checked the website but I want to get a better feeling of it though) Do you think guys that I might need a map or GPS of some sort or what becauseI really want to start getting familiar with the streets and areas in Los Angeles( especially so well that to the point I wont always have to depend on going to the website of metro and checking up the time schedules or directions, because I’ll be very knowledgeable of it already) to be honest I’m really new to this and I dont want to get lost while Im being exposed to this new thing for me so if you can help me out everyone because this really means a lot to me if I want to travel and know LA.


Posted by shadowfreeze14

AdminMarch 25, 2010 at 3:20 PMA GPS might help, but maybe you should use the internet to begin with. The reason why I say that is because maybe you cannot afford the GPS at the moment, but if you can afford a GPS then let me run down how simple it is to use one. I will be referring to my current GPS for instructions, but these instructions are so general that they should apply to any GPS.

Quick over view about GPS to help you determine if you want or need one. GPS’s use satellites to help aid you navigation. GPS’s are loaded with maps to show you where you’re going on a journey and stop you from getting lost. This simple demonstration uses Newelectronx GPS to show you how to get to your destination.

Step 1: You will need
* a newelectronx GPS
* some form of transportation (bus, bike, motorcycle, car, train, etc)
* a start point (A)
* and end point (B)

Step 2: Position your newelectronx GPS
Find a position to place your newelectronx GPS in your car where it is easy for you to see the screen without turning your head away from the road ahead. Do not place it directly in your eye line, but close enough to view the screen. The screen is very large (5 inches) so anywhere you put it, you should have no trouble seeing it. Use the car mounting bracket and windshield holder that came with it to mount it. If you are walking or on the bus then hold it in your hands. Remember, it can be used with battery power or car charger.
Step 3: Turn your newelectronx GPS on
To find your current position, your newelectronx GPS links to the Global Positioning System satellites, which takes no time at all. Turn on your newelectronx GPS as soon as possible to avoid delaying your journey. Most other GPS’s need a clear line of sight to the sky or they need to be stationary to get a good signal from the satellites or any satellite signal at all, but I have found that newelectronx GPS can receive satellites without these conditions. My Garmin would not be able to connect in the garage or in a multi-storey car park (like the ones in LA), but my newelectronx GPS does most of the time. The receiver can be built into a screen or an external box connected to a screen, depending on your GPS model. So make sure you get a good GPS, if you decide to buy. OK?
Step 4: Enter your destination (this is the fun part)
Decide where you want to go, and enter the information into your newelectronx GPS. It has a pre-loaded road map, that is searchable by place name, road name or postcode. Make sure you enter this information before you set off on your journey. Trying to do so whilst on the road is distracting and potentially dangerous. So, remember before you leave the curb in any vehicle – put in your destination first.
Step 5: Follow the instructions
Once your newelectronx GPS has worked out a route for your journey, it will display a map of the road ahead, with an arrow pointing in the right direction. You will also hear a ladies voice or man voice telling you turn by turn instructions. The arrow move as you move, the road moves & changes as you move, and the voice instructs you as if someone is in the car with you reading a road map. Your newelectronx GPS will tell you in good time, on the screen and via voice prompts, how long to stay on the road you are on, what your next turn will be, and the name of the road you are turning onto. Do not be tempted to watch the screen for too long, keep your eyes on the road and take in the information with a glance and through your ears.
Step 6: Don’t panic about a wrong turn
With a newelectronx GPS you are never lost, because it always knows exactly where you are. If you make a wrong turn, don’t try to retrace your steps. Your newelectronx GPS will sense you have gone the wrong way, and recalculate your route to get you back on track.
Step 7: Think for yourself
Most GPS is not infallible, always keep your brain on and don’t take the instructions you are given without double-checking them for yourself, especially when it comes to potentially dangerous maneuvers such as a u-turn. With some GPS’s that you purchase, it might be best to keep a road map in the car and look up the page that has your destination on it, so you have a sense of the direction you should be headed. A road map comes in handy when your GPS maps are old and not updated.
Step 8: Arriving at your destination
Once you have reached your point ‘B’, make sure to pack your newelectronx GPS away. Police say that one of the fastest rising reasons for car crime is a GPS theft. Don’t leave it visible. Have some wet wipes handy to clean off any suction cup marks and remove any signs that the car contained a GPS.
Congratulations! Now you are done and know another part of your big city. Give it ago and again and again until you feel comfortable with your local surroundings. There are many different types of GPS devices available, so for information about buying a GPS then look here:

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