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Questions and Answers

How to work out how fast your running?

Any ideas on a watch or something I could buy hich would tell me how fast I was running?
My trainers have a nike + function which I think is something I could use but not paticulalry sure.

Ideally something like a watch which says I'm moving at 9mph etc


Posted by wobbs
AdminApril 20, 2011 at 5:40 AM

3 options here

The hardest is the cheapest…. A normal watch and you measure points along your route, perhaps every half mile, remembering where they are in your head. Then as you pass each one you see the time it took and work it out in your head. It sort of works and gives your brain something to do but it won't tell you your speed at any given moment, just average speed over a distance.

Second cheapest is the Nike+ sports band kit – a sensor that fits in your shoe and a watch to weatr (about £40). The watch displays basic data and will do what you want – current speed I think, time you have run for and length of your run. I don't like this system, – Nike have failed to delivery something that could have been good all for a lack of prgramming and wanting to grab the money in extra shoe sales.

Last option is a GPS watch, the cheapest common one is the Garmin 205 – my prefered choice. Tells you current speed, average speed, distance run, heigh gained or lost, calories used and so on – loads actually. It can have a beep as well every mile (or whatever distance you want) plus one for if you go too fast or too slow. I'd get one of these but at £120 they are not the cheapest option.

When you get one you will be obsessed with it though – run and looking at the watchm, doing sums in your head and so on, but they are useful for running and getting a consistent speed.

What do I need to start running?

I am 49 years old, I am overweight by 40-50 lbs. I am apple shaped. I have been cleared to exercise by my doctor. I have no heart issues. I have sleep apnea only because I'm fat. I need to break the obesity chain NOW and start getting active. I want to start running. I joined the local YMCA so now, there are NO excuses. Its a brand new facility and they have an indoor track.

I want to know what basic things I should have to have a successful start. I know there are some really fantastic shoes, clothing, etc out there for avid runners. I am not ready to spend $200 on a pair of custom made running shoes – YET! I am looking for good solid advice on what kind of shoes and clothing to buy as a beginner, but remember, I'm obese, so the the cute sports bra and short shorts would not be a wise choice. In fact, thats another question. I read somewhere that compression type clothing is good for ah – us plus size people- is this true? I have an iPhone and I have an app from coolrunnings called "couch to 5K" that will help me get my stamina up and help me reach my goal of running a 5K sometime in the future. I have great music I can play so I am set on a program but welcome those as well. I just want to make sure I'm using "decent" shoes so I don't cause problems. I want to make this work.

Posted by Maureen E
AdminJune 11, 2012 at 1:06 PM

Hope I can help – I'm female, just turned 50, short (5'3) at least 30 pounds overweight, NEVER ran in my life before 2010, and I have a failing thyroid, so losing weight and having energy are lost causes.

First, your feet – don't skimp on them. Nothing is worse than sore feet due to the wrong type of shoes. You will not need $200 customized shoes. If there is a local running store near you (something like fleet feet, not Sports Auth) head there. Most will perform a gait analysis in which they should (not always) videotape your legs as you run/walk on a treadmill, and should recommend the right type of shoe for your particular feet.

Most likely, you might be recommended stability, motion control or cushioned shoes since you (and I) are heavy. Different brands of the same type of shoe will feel different on your feet. In the 2 years I've been 'running' (since I am still very slow), I've gone through brands like Mizuno and Asics, and my latest shoes are Brooks Trance 10, which have lasted me over 500 miles. Depending on the type of shoe you will need, you can spend around $100, but some brands will markdown a year-old style when the new one comes out (the Trance 10, for example, is now on sale in a lot of places since the Trance 11 is already out). Invest in your feet. It will make them happy.There is no such thing as a best brand of shoe. I started on Mizuno Inspires, which gave me blisters under my toes, yet my Mizuno Elixirs are wonderful.

As for other gear, a good running bra is literally priceless, and a decent one will cost more than some things at Victoria's Secret. I personally HATE compression tops. There are several decent brands of running tops made for wide chests/bigguns; my favorite is Champion Max 360. Other brands are New Balance and Moving Comfort. Sometimes Hanes has some nice bras. Just look for something with wide straps, as the narrow straps will cut grooves in your shoulders.

For the rest of the gear, remember the mantra: cotton is rotten. Sweat can cause chaffing in some interesting places, and sweaty cotton clothing not only feels uncomfortable, it seemingly gets heavy. The C9 line (champion) that you can find at Target is a great inexpensive line of workout gear. Ebay is also a great place to get gear, just look for heatgear or dri-fit or stuff like that.

I like compression shorts and capris. Nike makes some decent stuff, CW-X is in my opinion wonderful (tends to be pricey), but I have a pair of shorts that has lasted me so far 2 years, and yes, putting on compression clothing is like putting on support hose. If you opt for loser pants, pick undies that are stretchy and non-cotton. Socks – unless it's a type of sock that has some sweat-wicking ability, stay away from cotton – New Balance, Nike and Asics have decent ones.

For ALL your workout gear, tops, bras, pants, socks, they will last longer if you wash them WITHOUT fabric softener, and line dry only. Don't wash your shoes. Just don't.

For other stuff, a decent hat will protect you from some sun, and will keep hair away from the face. Again, cotton will just get soggy and leave a lovely line of acne across your forehead (<-personal experience). If you want to spend some funds, invest in a decent heart-rate monitor and GPS watch (Garmin, Nike and Polar are three popular brands); if you're running indoors, you can use a footpod that can help calculate your speed and distance. Hydration is important, you can use a hand-held or a hydration belt.

A running log. My sister gave me a yearlong diary that I use. I plan a run/race, made a running schedule, and after a run, I would jot down the distance, time, weather and what pair of shoes I was wearing (to help keep track of mileage, since some shoes will begin to break down at around 350 miles). This can be as simple as a regular notebook, a month-at-a-glance calendar, anything that can help you keep track of your progress.

For starting runners, c25k is great. Other free online programs are available; Hal Hidgon among others. You can access online running forums like the beginning runners forum at for lots of advice and encouragement.

For music, you can try a few running podcasts with music set to specific beats per minute. My two favorites (once you get past the first few minutes of talking) are Podrunner and Motiontraxx. They're free, and you can find them on iTunes or right from their websites.

Good luck!!

What kind of waves do GPS watches use?

I have do a science project on waves. I am doing GPS watches like a Garmin watch for running. Does anyone know any good rescources I can use? Or any intersting information about GPS watches? Every time I google it all it comes up with are GPS watches for sale.

Posted by Katelyn
AdminApril 19, 2012 at 9:12 AM

GPS in general just receives. A tracking GPS will also need to submit and will usually use one of the FTC approved bands that are allocated to one of the wireless carriers like Verizon or Sprint. For more details on GPS tracking, you can look at

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