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GPS Watch for Running – [linker q=”Forerunner 305 ” gtm=”merchant” ct=”US” id=”99b4795d47b75b47955cce24b9cd42c3,” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]Forerunner 305 Best[/linker]?
I want to buy a GPS watch to help me with my training program.
From what I’ve read, the Forerunner 305 is the best option (what with the 405 not working when wet!!).
What are you thoughts?

Posted by shortcrust
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Admin September 28, 2008 at 6:34 AM I have had a [linker q=”Garmin Forerunner 305 ” gtm=”prodPage” ct=”US” id=”99b4795d47b75b47955cce24b9cd42c3,” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]Garmin Forerunner 305 [/linker]for the past three years….. It is dependable plus the added [linker q=”heart rate monitor” gtm=”prodResults” ct=”US” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]heart rate monitor[/linker] is a great function. Additionally, now that the 405’s are the latest rendition, it is a lot less expensive. I think you will find that the 305 will serve you well…….David Haney, R/W-3 PL.
Does the latest Garmin talk altitude/gradient into account? I have an old garmin 201 forerunner. A really great watch, and i love the virtual runner for pacing. However if drives me nuts that there is now accounting for hills or gradients. So you have to mentally note that you will loose ground going up hill, but can make it up on down hills. I heard the latest garmin has altitude? Or the ability to calibrate for a course so you could use the virtual assistant accurantly the whole way round? Does anyone know the latest garmin running watch?

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AdminMay 31, 2010 at 7:10 AMThe Forerunners (including the 201) record altitude, but there’s actually not that significant of a distance difference on hills to really “take into account.”There is a problem with all Forerunners, and GPS units for that matter, in that altitude measurements can be fairly inaccurate. Determining altitude via those satellites up in space can be a good bit off, and many people who use software like SportTracks have it corrected in logs after-the-fact (using known maps — SportTracks has an elevation correction plugin for example).Anyway, you can’t really rely too much on anything related to altitude while you’re running with a Forerunner. The more recent models generally perform better than the x01 series, but if altitude is your main concern, you probably shouldn’t expect a significant difference while you’re out and about.
How good are Garmin forerunner watches?The ones that use GPS to tell ur pace, heart rate, distance…etc.

Posted by Bruins_Fan_Kessel-is-the_sh1t
Admin May 24, 2009 at 11:38 AM I have a [linker q=”Garmin Forerunner ” gtm=”prodResults” ct=”US” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]Garmin Forerunner 301[/linker], it does everything I want it to do, and when I need to replace it, it’ll be with another Garmin. It’s an early model, I bought it just as the next model was being released, and I understand that the later ones are better, but it’s not worth me upgrading just yet.
It logs the distance and speed, along with my heart rate, and has different settings for running and cycling.
It takes a bit of time to pick up the satellite signals, and can lose the signal when you’re near tall buildings or trees, but that doesn’t happen very often.
I also found that the heart rate signal is better when running near power lines, my old HRM used to give up when I was running near an electrified railway line, but the Garmin is unaffected.
Hope this helps.
Can anyone recommend one of those running gadgets that look like a watch…?I think they record things like distance, time etc. Want to get my other half one for christmas but don’t really know what i’m looking for.

Posted by Rachel W
Admin November 18, 2007 at 5:00 PM Well, I would find a running shop in your area for advice. You can look at the stuff in there and see which ones you like the look of, and of course the price ranges.You could be looking for a runners watch, which is a normal watch which also has a stop watch built in. As your other half passes places that they know how far away they are, they record the ‘lap’ time and then can work out their speed later.
If you are getting a normal watch you want to look for buttons that are easy to press when you are wearing gloves (in case of winter running), perhaps a 42 lap or more recorder (in case of european marathon – measured in KM’s, not miles). These will cost about £20You could be looking at [linker q=” with a ‘Heart Rate Monitor’ built in” gtm=”prodResults” ct=”US” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]one of the watches with a ‘Heart Rate Monitor’ built in[/linker] – does all the watch does but it also records how fast the heart beats as you go round the run, apparently useful for serious runners to know when they are running at their peak effort, too much effort or just cruising round the run. There is a chest strap with these that does the measuring of the heart and transmits the data to the watch. Cost from about £35 and moreYou might even want a [linker q=”GPS watch” gtm=”prodResults” ct=”US” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]GPS watch[/linker]. This does the same as the watch, some come with a heart rate monitor as well. The GPS bit is the same technology as satnavs use to work out where the car is, in this case working out where the runner is, and these will work out how fast the runner is running and how far they have gone. This is the next gadget I am going to buy I think. The brand that seams to be OK is Garmin. From about £70.An answerer mentioned a Nike+ system which is basically an Ipod with a [linker q=”pedometer ” gtm=”prodResults” ct=”US” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]pedometer [/linker]added, counts how many steps the runner has done and works out distance from that. From about £60 for the trainers, £60 for the IPod and a £20 for the transmitter and pedometer.

You can get a basic pedometer (counts steps done) and let them work out the distance later- about £5. Probably not what they are after.

Best bet is to gently pummel your partner to find the one they would like – I guess it would be the GPS watch and then to go to the running shop and have a look.

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