Train More Often With a GPS Watch

Will a GPS watch inspire you to work out more often? Think it’s just a fancy gadget or a useful tool? Here's what we discovered at

Will a GPS watch inspire you to work out more often? Think it’s just a fancy gadget or a useful tool? Have you taken the time to compare GPS watches for runners?

Read on and hear the thoughts from Russell.

Lets talk about: Why a GPS Watch Will Get You Training More Often


Why a GPS Watch Will Get You Training More Often

By Russell M Squire

garmin-405cx-reviewThe Forerunner 205 is a device like a watch, but it additionally has GPS equipment inside it so that it can decipher how far you have walked/run, period of activity, altitude, calories used and lots more information. Its a personal instructor as per Garmin, and rightly so.

The foremost item of difference between a Forerunner 205 and the 305 version is that the Forerunner 305 in addition incorporates a chest strap and pulse rate monitoring functions, while the 205 tracks things like tempo and miles not including the pulse rate feedback. If you wish for pulse rate than you ought to think about upgrading to the Forerunner 305.

Probably the preeminent point about a GPS watch is that it requires you to get off the couch and go exercise outside. GPS watches will not operate in fitness clubs.

What does Forerunner 205 help you accomplish?

It records your progress while you jog or bicycle, you can make use of a virtual training partner, diverse exercise devices such as speed/cadence sensors and the watch additionally displays in real-time time, miles, tempo, altitude and calories used and lots more measurements. It allows you to exercise smarter and alerts you as soon as you are not keeping pace.

What sports can you employ it for?

Anyplace outside while for bicycling, jogging, walking, hiking or other activities. Forerunner 205 furthermore shows direction to a location when navigating to a preset destination. Be aware that this is not as complex as other Garmin GPS devices for bicycles or automobiles which contain maps embedded in them.

At the finish it has the comprehensive path of the traveled route from beginning to the end. Later on this route can be viewed on Google Earth and further analysed.

How does it figure out its tracking and is it precise?

It has a GPS and embedded software running in it equipped with High Sensitivity SiRFstarIII architecture. So it is much like every other GPS watch, except for its end use is somewhat distinctive. This is a good function of GPS equipment. The GPS accuracy is much more accurate than a footpod and the recent GPS equipment even works well in dense foliage and near tall structures.

Getting on track.

Garmin’s website comes with lots of information together with a handbook download. You can furthermore download the newest GPS watch software updates so make certain your GPS watch comes with the newest version. All of Garmin’s GPS watches can be made to operate with ANT+ compliant devices such as watts meters.

When you open the packaging, dock the GPS watch into the little docking component, and charge it with the mini-usb adapter power cord. As soon as it is completely charged, you are prepared to take off, merely read the quick start handbook.

Get outside, and turn the GPS watch on. The finding satellites page appears following a little start-up screen and continues looking for satellites. Pause for almost a minute and it should discover the satellites because if you begin jogging or cycling earlier than the satellites are located your data will not become recorded appropriately, so as Garmin recommends stay in one place until the satellites are discovered. Should you go to the satellites page you should see the satellites being locked on instantly.

Press your start/stop button and the timer should begin. Start cycling or jogging, and when you stop press Start/Stop again. The timer should stop. While jogging, if you press the up/down button, you can go through lots of screens of information fields. On the left you notice a display screen that displays caloric burn, altitude, GPS accuracy and sunrise time. You can tailor and replace these values from a lengthy inventory of obtainable measurements.

Screens on left and right reveal the information that the Forerunner 205 is gathering. You can further setup alarms so that the Forerunner 205 can alert you with a beeping noise as soon as you have concluded precise distance in miles or kilometers.

Also pressing the mode button while working out will adjust to different views, a map analysis, menu analysis, and measurements analysis.

Once you begin utilizing a GPS watch, you truly get excited to utilize the GPS watch more and keep working out further. This is a spin-off benefit in and of itself.

We discovered that the buttons are stiff, and you need to press hard, which is due in part to the waterproof nature of the GPS watch. Besides the main start and stop mode, you can create various workouts to suit your exercise routine.

With virtual training partner on, you can adjust various goals such as miles to be covered. Once you set up the miles and time, the virtual partner will jog with you and show on one screen. You should know if you are in front or behind. Based on that you can increase your pace or take a breather. This is useful feature to get behind you and give you a feeling of competition.

You can additionally calibrate your present location and later on navigate to it. This is helpful if you are hiking/running in unknown places. When you are navigating to a preset place, Garmin 205 additionally comes with a compass, and directions, and also estimated time and distance data.

You can get a Garmin 205 GPS for approximately $164, making it one of the best priced GPS watches obtainable these days and a bunch of technology for the dough.

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Will a GPS watch inspire you to work out more often? Think it’s just a fancy gadget or a useful tool?   Here's what we discovered at