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As the coach for the UW-Madison Triathlon Team and as an international triathlete myself, I personally feel that a [linker q=”heart rate monitor” gtm=”merchant” ct=”US” id=”607cbd0f6286d1395d15d82c30a9deb4,” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]heart rate monitor[/linker] is all you need for training purposes. With that being said, there are very good reasons to have a GPS unit.We use GPS on the team to mark out routes for our athletes and mark off mile and half mile marks. We mark them off using either paint or just a permanent land mark. With this in place, I can send the athletes out on a run and tell them what pace to hold. They can tell if they are on pace or off pace by using a standard stop watch. I have ALL my athletes wear a heart rate monitor as it allows me to put them in an exact zone of training, being it anaerobic or aerobic intensity.
GPS Watches | Runner’s World & Running Times Learn how to find a GPS watch for running to maximize training by recording distance, pace, calories burned. Some watches also include heart rate monitors.

TomTom Runner GPS watch (Grey)
Garmin Forerunner
The Garmin Forerunner series is a selection of sport watches produced by Garmin . (GPS), and are targeted at road runners and triathletes

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What is the [linker q=”best GPS watch for a distance runner” gtm=”merchant” ct=”US” id=”859d5818511f034ae9772a5b46d20c46,” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]best GPS watch for a distance runner[/linker]?During the summer, I want a good GPS watch to clock 5+ mile long runs with… I want a watch that can tell me my minute-per-mile pace, miles ran, and how long I am running for, but is still a fairly reasonable price ($100-$200). What is the best website to order a GPS watch from, or just the best watch?

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AdminJune 2, 2013 at 8:57 AM I have a Garmin 305. Its old, and they don’t make them anymore. But you can still find them at
It has a heart rate monitor. There are all kinds of accessories for it, too. It has every feature that you could ever want. It can upload and download stuff from your computer – and although its old – its software is new.
However its bulky , and ugly, and slow to find satellites (easy workaround – turn it on before you start warming up).
Amazon is a pretty good place to shop around. And the reviews are worth reading. DCRainmaker has a great website and he does very good reviews and has a lot of side by side comparisons.I’m pretty sure the least expensive GPS watch is the Timex Marathon. And it does everything you want.
Oh, by the way. All GPS watches can not give you an accurate instantaneous pace. Some of them can be connected to a foot pod that can help with that. Also you can hit the lap button and get your pace for that lap. But if all you need it for is the features you listed you might be better off [linker q=”with a pedometer” gtm=”merchant” ct=”US” id=”b5103ccf4c777e0db9f0499adaaa1b97,” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]with a pedometer[/linker]. If you have an ipod, the nike + kit is only $25.
Fitness watch question?Hello, I am looking for a fitness watch that not only tracks my heart rate, but also my distance in miles or km. All suggestions welcome!Also is this one that does what I asked?

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AdminJanuary 26, 2014 at 7:18 PM Depends on your budget.If you need to watch the budget, you can use something that works like a [linker q=”pedometer” gtm=”merchant” ct=”US” id=”75113d44a7613a5aa08f855992999784,” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]pedometer[/linker]. It’s able to record the steps you take, and you enter your average stride length, and it estimates the distance. It’s not very accurate, but can be good enough. You can also just plug your route in Google Maps and learn your distance.If you have the budget, you want a [linker q=”watch with GPS” gtm=”merchant” ct=”US” id=”d0d81d8ef3b6c2391a7c36d2d69394da,” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]watch with GPS[/linker], so it tracks your distance with GPS satellites. You’re going to pay more for features like that that. Most (but not all) of the [linker q=”Garmin Forerunners” gtm=”merchant” ct=”US” id=”1483948be85fa58bffbd1121faeeee8c,” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]Garmin Forerunners[/linker] have GPS capability, and most runners end up with one of those.The watch you linked has no GPS, nor method to track your distance.
What kind of GPS watch is great for running? So after track is finished I need to buy a new [linker q=”GPS watch ” gtm=”merchant” ct=”US” id=”936c65ef2789d4d0691fe048dd818ffc,” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]GPS watch to track my miles for cross country[/linker] and I have a [linker q=”Nike gps watch” gtm=”merchant” ct=”US” id=”4eddcb44f98cb5bbde46ff4140dad397,” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]Nike gps watch[/linker] that I had for 3 years and now the gps stopped connecting I need a new one! I am serious and hardcore distance runner I run a lot of longer runs and I need something that will suit me I would also like somthing that is water proof if they make anything I am looking to spend 100 to 240 bucks nonthing crazy any recode nations and please post the link.

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AdminFebruary 18, 2014 at 7:01 AMI swear by Garmin. You can find new, discounted ones cheap on amazon. Ii have an older model, Forerunner 301, but it does everything the newer models do, track distance, running pace, intervals, provide a virtual assistant that lets you know if you are on pace. Don’t know if it is water proof, maybe one of the newer models is or if not probably a triathletes GPS would be.
Best watch for semi-beginner runner?I’d like to purchase a watch that does interval stuff, but I don’t need anything too fancy…I don’t care if it tracks how many calories burned or whatever. I’ve heard the getting a running watch with a GPS thing in it is good to log miles, but they’re kind of expensive. Right now I’m looking at the [linker q=”Women’s TIMEX® SLEEK 150 TAP SCREEN MID” gtm=”merchant” ct=”US” id=”b5d3cbb5d5b157fce929b665315bf75b,” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]Women’s TIMEX® SLEEK 150 TAP SCREEN MID[/linker]; I love the tap screen function and this seems good for intervals.Does anybody have any suggestions for what watch I should get? I’m kind of a beginner runner; I run three to four miles a day but I’m going to start running more and start doing interval training. Thanks!

Posted by joo
AdminNovember 16, 2010 at 6:31 AM I use a Timex and it has never let me down and I have used it for a marathon and many long runs.You can time up to 26 intervals and then recall the time and see how fast you ran each interval.[linker q=”timex gps watch” gtm=”merchant” ct=”US” id=”30aebe4a521ee90fd46f5724d3a068f4,” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]This is the newer version of the watch I use[/linker]
What’s a good GPS running watch?I run indoor/outdoor track and cross country so obviously I’m a distance runner. And my birthday is next month and I want a GPS watch what’s a good one? I like one of [linker q=”the new balance ones” gtm=”merchant” ct=”US” id=”c7c02265174160efe03ae53527ff3691,” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]the new balance ones[/linker] and the Nike one looks cool but Idk if its just all looks cause Ik it’s not waterproof so are there any other GPS watches at a reasonable price?

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AdminMarch 30, 2014 at 9:08 AMI swear by [linker q=”Garmin gps watches” gtm=”merchant” ct=”US” id=”6fe567dafae1ef489ae10b74ca21597a,” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”]Garmin gps watches[/linker] and you can get watches at cheaper than store prices on amazon.