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    f you are an internet user, you would surely have come across the term wearable technology. Wearable devices refer to electronic gadgets that you can wear. While wearable technology has advanced down the years, many still feel that wearable technology as a concept has to still go a long way. However, there are a number of things that you should understand about wearable technology. Often, wearable technology refers to using technologies in innovative ways. For example, the calculator wrist watch of yesteryear was a wearable device. Though it could not last in the market for long, it is true that people always loved wearable devices. These days though, the concept of wearable technology has taken a new turn. Today, new concepts and technology are being designed solely with the intention to make people wear these devices and not just be another gadget.

    So what are the new wearable devices in 2014

    What are the most well-known such technologies in the market today? Let’s take a look.

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    1. Google Glass

    Google Glass is essentially a wearable computer. It is to be worn like spectacles, and looks like rimless glasses. It has the ability to click photos of high quality (currently, it has a 5 MP camera), record video, function as a phone display and use various application like Google Earth and Gmail; among others. Simply told, it is the hot new commodity in the market.

    2. Smart shirt

    A smart shirt is a shirt that monitors the vital stats of the wearer. It makes possible remote physiological monitoring. The main purpose of the shirt is to make health care easier. Though called a smart ‘shirt’, it looks more like a vest than a shirt, and can be worn under normal clothing. It keeps track of heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, activity and posture.

    3. The cuff that does a bit more than being just a wearable.

    We all know that a cuff is an accessory. As the name suggests, it is supposed to be worn as a cuff on the arm. The use of a cuff, however, stands out as it promises to do more than just being a wearable. Whenever the wearer of the cuff is in danger, he or she can press a button-like thing on the cuff and the person who is listed as the emergency contact shall be alerted on their smart phone. The location of the cuff-wearer will be transmitted to the emergency contact via GPS. This can be helpful in the case of women and teenagers.

    4. Smart watch

    A smartwatch is like a smartphone on your wrist. It can receive voice commands, use applications and perform other functions. While there are plenty of smart watches in the market one of the recent ones is the Moto 360.

    5. GPS watch

    A GPS watch is not really a watch, but it’s a GPS receiver that is strapped onto the wrist in the way a watch is. It receives GPS signals and functions as a portable GPS without having to rely on a device such as a mobile phone. They are mostly used for sports or fitness purposes.

    If you are looking to buy a wearable device for yourself, buy one that you need. Do not just go in and buy any product but buy something that is useful. After all, it is not about owning any wearable device but about owning something useful.

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