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    Women runners can develop foot injuries due to conditions of the ground they may encounter such as uneven pavement, potholes or sharp unseen objects. The number one reason why women are a target to developing “stiff” feet later on is because of improper running shoe selection.

    Running Shoe Criteria

    In order for a woman runner to select the proper running shoe; she should know that her shoes need to fit certain criteria.

    Shoe Usage

    How actively will you be using your running shoes? A woman that runs 25 miles or more per a week is going to need a more durable shoe than a woman that runs a shorter distance. Once you can answer this, then you can start searching for shoes of a certain style. First you will need to answer “what type of running program do I plan to use these shoes for?” Will I be running on pavement, gravel (like a track, a little of both)? Will I be using these on a trail with rocky terrain? Will I run in the rain or other weather conditions that may influence my shoe decision?

    Manufacturers That Researches Women’s Specific Athletic needs

    With many shoe manufacturers on the market; only a few seem to dominate running shoes for women. Asics has specifically done research on the injuries associated with women athletes. Should you purchase a pair of Asics, it is a safe bet that your running shoes will be designed after strong research on design, fit and functionality.


    The most important criteria a women’s running shoe should meet is that it ensures safety, durability, comfort and that it is made with quality materials.

    ASICS Women’s GEL-Venture 4 Running Shoe,Charcoal/Black/Magenta,7 M USASICS Women’s Gel-Noosa Tri 9 Running Shoe,Black/Neon Coral/Green,8 M USPUMA Women’s Cell Riaze Cross-Training Shoe,Tradewinds/Bluebird/Beetroot Purple,9.5 B USASICS Women’s GEL-Exalt Running Shoe,Lightning/Emerald/Hot Pink,8.5 M US


    As far as the fit is concerned, your shoe should not have ample room for your fit to feel as though it can slip and slide during motion. Likewise you do not want a shoe to fit so snug that you feel loss of sensation (like when your foot falls asleep) in your toes or any part of your foot. A good design will provide non-obtrusive ankle support. Since your body form while running should be a heel-to-toe roll, a good running shoe should offer ample cushion in the heel to absorb the shock on your joints.

    Next you will want a shoe with good airflow. Without proper ventilation you can trap moisture in your shoe which will encourage the growth of some bacteria and can lead to a break out of Athlete’s foot.

    With the technology that is behind most shoe models today, your running shoe more than likely offers a full volume air sole that extends from the tip of the toe to the heel that can aide in preventing sores from developing.

    Size Matters

    Choose a shoe that feels light rather than one that can feel “chunky” or heavy.

    As far as price is concerned, if a shoe is concerned; a really good running shoe is going to be made of a better quality than its cheaper counterpart. A good shoe even one on sale; is going to cost anywhere from $50.00-$100.00.

    Be passionate about your women’s running shoes purchase. You can be passionate about the colors and sleek design but remember to also look for the right type of running shoe for your usage, support, cushioning and airflow.

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